Stoneshard – How to Clear Brynn Dungeon as a Crossbowman

Important note: Brynn contract always has the Wormbearer, he’s the only T3 proselyte boss you’ll get.

Crossbowman Tips

Throw away your second dagger

Dual Wielding is literally only giving you negatives – higher fumble chance, higher cooldowns, higher energy costs – and your dagger skills don’t even use your second dagger, they’ll deal MORE damage with a single dagger. Grab a buckler in Mannshire, it gives Counter Chance.

Your crit chance is too low

Things like Tied Gloves, Norse Belt, Trophy Necklace and Berserk Ring are available to you, find the rotating trader Ormi in the Docks and become his best friend. At Amity reputation you will unlock more gear with crit.

Why crit? Two reasons:

  • Every crit automatically gives your shots +100% Immobilization Chance on crossbows.
  • You need 3 turns to attack (reload, aim, shoot), so you absolutely need each shot to have an impact. Ideally to the point where you instakill weaker enemies.

Now to solve energy issues

  • 1 point Setup in Warfare will give you extra Ability cost reduction each time you pop Take Aim, Suppression and Thrill of the Hunt (also on Deadly Trick from Daggers).
  • Seize The Initiative also works with Ranged and reduces energy costs, but you’ll probably only have the benefits for one shot at most, so that’s not too great.
  • You can randomly find energy potions and energy drain potions at the Brynn alchemist. Energy Drain is again weakened due to the turn economy of crossbows.
  • Use drugs, get some Al’qud from the elves or from the Rotten Willow junkie. Ideal for the tough fights like the boss room with adds.

General gameplay

  • Don’t shoot through obstacles like tables and barrels, you’ll hit them instead of the target.
  • Always try to stay at maximum range. Don’t be afraid to aggro an enemy, then walk away 1-2 rooms so that you can utilize your range.
  • Nets. The Netted debuff not only removes some defenses of the enemy, but gives you precious free turns to reload and fire again. Ultimately, you can cheese most anything with nets, throw 5-7 at the same enemy and their duration will stack.
  • This may come as a surprise, but you can fire a crossbow at melee range with no penalties. Given the high damage, and the Stagger + Knockback + Immobilization you get from Suppression and Take Aim at close range, it’s way better to keep firing your crossbow instead of switching to a melee weapon.
  • If you proc Bleeding, you can also just walk away, letting the enemy bleed to death. Re-engage if they bandage (but proselytes don’t do that).

And a pro tip for the Wormbearer, try to find where the bossroom is, then don’t kill any enemies near the bossroom, instead pull them away to the dungeon entrance for example. Wormbearer can spawn multiple worms from a corpse, but only one worm if there is no corpse nearby.

Finally, you can try out bows. Buy a Nomad Bow from the elves and see how it feels. Bows get penalties at close range, but as long as you stay at range, their turn economy is way superior to crossbows and their damage output is much better, so they’re better at dealing with multiple enemies too.

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