STAR WARS Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy – Single Player Tips

Tips for Single Players

Force Powers

  • Mind trick – It’s a lifesaver against hazard and jet pack troopers. Level 2 lasts 15 seconds, while level 3 goes for 30, but the target moves around, making it trickier to hit. Even just level 1 is solid.
  • Heal – It’s handy out of combat but feels underwhelming in the heat of battle. Drain is a better option for in-fight healing.
  • Absorb – Keep this up about half the time in the end game. It’s essential for resisting various Force attacks.
  • Protect – Nice for defense, but it locks you out of other Force powers and stops your Force from regenerating.
  • Lightning – Trash until level 3, then it’s a game-changer for clearing mobs and taking down certain enemies.
  • Rage – Didn’t use it much except against tough Jedi. Tricky to time right with a controller.
  • Grip – Finicky to use, not as reliable as lightning. Better options out there.
  • Drain – A must-have. Level 3 lets you heal and disrupt enemy Force users.

Mission Order

  • Part 1 – “Merchant Rescue” is a solid opener. Mind trick or lightning speeds things up.
  • Part 2 – “Meet Contact” is a good start, then aim for drain level 3. Lightning 3 helps with the tougher missions.
  • Part 3 – Your endgame build matters less here. Lightning or speed concussion is handy for certain missions.


  • Dual – Tough to use effectively. Not recommended unless you’re looking for a challenge.
  • Single – Solid all-rounder. Strong style hits hard, while fast is good for blocking.
  • Double – Strong style packs a punch, especially the forward whirlwind attack.

Boss Notes

  • Saber droids – Backpedal and slash, easy enough.
  • Gun turrets & battle droids – EMP gun is your best bet.
  • Rancor – Keep your distance and saber throw when you can.
  • Rax – Stay mobile, use force push to immobilize.
  • Rosh and cronies – Drain or lightning works wonders.
  • Alora – Drain her until she stops twirling around.
  • Boba Fett – Watch out for his rockets, have force push ready.
  • Noghri – Dodge their shots, use drain or concussion rifles.
  • Tavion – Keep absorb on, watch for ground slams.
  • Ragnos – Lightning cheese or sustained drain for the win.
  • Kyle – Keep absorb up, watch for his grabs, and stay close for easier hits.
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