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Some Useful Things

It’s dependant on RNG. If you find a jungle biome early, skip over the basic training ground and go straight into Temples of War.

A Temple of War need 12 jungle logs, 8 cut stone and 8 dirt. The temple warriors they produce absolutely floor the basic soldier, just be sure to set them to warriors instead of druids.

The T2 barracks needs “12 copper bars” to make one, which makes them incredibly expensive early game. You’ll need a military early game as it looks like new enemy spawners are added every prosperity level and it’ll minimise the damage until you can create a trap corridor to the new spawners.

Its are a trap. Not only are they huge (3 squares long) and require metalworking, their speed bonus is not nearly the same speed as minecarts (+500% speed on carts). Wooden ladders are cheaper, faster to build, gives 6x the speed bonus of grass ladders (+30% vs +5%) and they don’t need a station on every level. The need for the station on every level is due to the fact they can only use a lift from a station. Without it, they’ll climb the shaft ropes at +0% speed, which is worse than a basic grass ladder.

Lifts are amazing, once you have the economy to support building a bunch of them and if you built your city with lifts in mind in the first place when you spaced things out. Make a grid of lifts and mine cart rails and your rats can zoom around getting more work done.

Zombie Stones spawn one new stone on every Invasion Day, so it’s important to keep up with killing them so you’re not getting invaded by lots of stones at once.

Traps and other defenses come into play more once you get to the more advanced enemies but early on you have much better things to do with your rats’ labor and resources building up your city instead of trapping the weak zombie tombstones.

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