ARK: Survival Ascended – How to Find Organic Poly

Organic Poly Guide

A good spot for penguins is around a place I like to call penguin isle. Its a glacial island just off the north coast down the massive ice cliff. If your not seeing them on the coast, sometimes they wander around slightly in the forest areas. They are very vulnerable to dying though, so could be tricky if your looking for some.

If you can’t get to the snow yet, Hesperonis are a good substitute. They are found commonly around the easy zone rivers. Once you kill them, to maximise poly gain use a club. But if you are further in the game, I definitely recommend getting a breeding pair of penguins to farm poly. You don’t have to wait till the penguin babys grow up, just till juvenile then wack them with a club and your solid. Or use a moschops with many points put into poly harvesting. The higher the health of the penguins, the more poly you get. Something handy to note too for mid-late game is if you can grab some snails, they act as a fridge for poly and massively increase its spoil timer. They have decent weight too, so if your worried you should be fine. Why we recommend penguins over hesperonis is that they are much more painful to tame. Though if your looking for a duck shoulder pet or a source of golden eggs for Rhynios, then go ham.

If all else fails, some of the blue and purple drops have ghille sets in them. Got a full set just from drops, same deal with scuba.

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