Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot – How to Beat Level 9

Guide to Beat Level 9

For me it was easy 1 time that I try it I did it…

Remove all the things that are useless from the deck and go for op things like candy they shoot in aoe and knock back.

Then upgraded version of the weapons that you choise like shotgun/needle shot gun and go for S tier weapons.

You don’t need D tier weapons.

So on hp well I farm wave 10 and there you will need a lot more than beat level 9.

Level 9 is like walk in the park.

So fix your deck you need 3 things from each class to have a functional deck like needles and random things.

Then the new meta that you start whit a bonus tokens just rush high level shop for the op things.

And hey you start whit needle shotgun at second shop or dark nugets…

So I just don’t get how people struggle whit this game they take hp and armor and forgot that per level the slime becomes big and STRONK…

Average I have 30 k hp in wave 10 whit 0% invest in hp or armor only from the meta and evrything in weapons…

So think before take absorbtion hp summon full your weapons whit D tier weapons don’t kill nothing and ask for tips hey help how to do this.

It’s like go in a gun fisht whit stick’s. Simple really.

Example whit my deck I just remove the all things that are useless:

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