Ratopia – An Easy Tax Edict (Early Game)

This is how I stabilised early game taxes. Make sure you have a tax office to collect taxes first, of course.

Tax Strategy for Early Game

  • Civil tax
  • Daily 1
  • Standard wealth over 150
  • All classes
  • Taxed amount 20% of total wealth
  • Activated (so that it takes effect)

This makes sure everyone always has some food and entertainment money whilst feeding wealth back into the system at a stable rate. It keeps everyone in the poor social class but happy enough to not complain. The only other tax law I passed was a welfare tax in case of emergencies but it’s not been used or needed yet.

Build and research as much as you want before starting to tweak numbers to raise the social classes of your ratizens. Keeps zombies to a minimum as well since your town doesn’t evolve quickly.

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