Ratopia – Food Tips

Tips for Foods

Some food is only for middle class and up, like bread. Honey too is only middle class and up.

What you should do is invest in a hunter to hunt rabbits and around 4 Butcheries. This will keep you going well into middle game + it also gives leather for the Tanneries and bones for the grinders to make bonemeal for your Forgers to make Iron.

So you also have neccesities taken care off as well as Iron forging. There is always a rabbit spawn near your starting base. I have never seen them not spawn near. Your ultimate goal is to feed your entire city with bread because it makes people go hungry slower.

So here’s a short list of what to do:

  1. Set up hunter hunting rabbits. set him and the butheries up as close to the rabbit spawns as you can with a chest to maximize hunting and butchering.
  2. Once your population is gorging on raw meat put a ban on grain while still harvesting it.
  3. Build Grinders between 4 and 5 to make flour and other other stuff that needs grinding.
  4. Have a Water source. I make at least 6 Dew collectors with a watertank.
  5. Make 4 bakeries and have them make bread. Make sure to pass a law that allows lower class to eat it.

This combined with the meat and other raw food sources can feed the full population of a 102 rats.

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