Occupy Mars: The Game – How to Repair Circuit Board

Repairing Circuit Board

Steps for repairing circuit board: (This is done on the workbench)

  1. Place board inside box on the right by dragging it from your inventory.
  2. Fip over (press Q)
  3. Pick up Hotair tool (solder removal tool)

Note: I found if i’m holding this tool and press Q to flip, the board falls through the bench.

  1. Align the tip of the Hotair tool with one of the red dots until it turns green.

Note: Pressing SHIFT can help stabalise your pointer onto the green dot

  1. To successfully remove the solder joint, you need to press the left mouse button. Note that when you do a little map will appear for a second or two showing red circles with a green one in the middle. Your objective is to release the mouse button while the ring is inside the green circle. If you get this wrong, one of your three fails will be used up. Failing three times destroyes your circuit board.
  2. Repeat this for all red dots.
  3. Once done, return the tool by pressing the right mouse button, then press Q to flip the board over
  4. The component/s that are faulty are now able to be removed. You can just hold your mouse pointer over it and it will tell you which one it is. Then click on it to pick it up and take it to the side, click the other mouse button to drop it and it will be gone.
  5. Then to replace the component, click on the middle tray and it will open showing you all the spare components. Just click on the one you need then drag it over to the replacement spot. You don’t need to align it perfectly but do it closely and you will get a message saying good job.
  6. When all components are in, press Q to flip the board over and then pick up the soldering iron and do what you did in “step 5”. If you get it right the board will disappear into your inventory completely repaird.

I’d recommend doing a quick save prior to fixing a board in case you mess it up.

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