Phasmophobia – Tips on How to Beat This Weekly Challenge

I somehow lucked out on this one and got 3 ghosts that gave themselves away, but here was my general pattern.

Weekly Challenge Tips

When walking in, the room immediately to the left has a semi-safe hiding spot in the back corner behind the filing cabinet, it’s a good place to go early on to listen for the ghost.

As fast as possible, make a pile of electronics somewhere near this spot, so if the ghost spawns near and goes by it, you can hear if it’s a Raiju (this was my first lucky ghost, and was an easy ID).

Periodically flick light switches as you move around. Even with the fuse box broken, if you suddenly cannot turn a light switch on or off, the ghost is hunting, so listen closely for signs of it moving around.

Your easiest ghosts are either going to have big speed differences (Thaye, Moroi, Deogen, Hantu, Raiju are/can be super fast, Revenant will be very slow, even on 150% ghost speed) or special abilities that give them away (If you constantly hear interactions right next to you, but then never once hear hunts, just send Wraith and hope it’s not a Mimic).

Honestly, if the ghost is in the back right or left, just reroll unless you mind the hunt taking longer. It’s a pain to figure out a prison ghost in those rooms on zero sanity.

Like I said, I got super lucky with 3 ghosts I could ID fast (Raiju that sped up near a flashlight, Wraith that kept pinging things near me, but never heard it during a hunt, and Hantu while it was snowing that admittedly could also have been a Moroi or Thaye, I just guessed right). With these you just keep plugging away at it, and eventually something will give.

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