Occupy Mars: The Game – How to Get More Blueprints

Getting More Blueprints

Doing various actions gives you points, like grinding gives you materials, driling gives you mechanicals, those can be spent in tech tree to get blueprints.

You need to investigate ruins (nearest one should have a repairable ATV, but you will want to build new one eventually, it’s faster) and find ‘abandoned tablets’ there. Right click the tablet->Use, it will give you research requvisites for some of the technologies. Ruins that still have tablets have a question mark near or over them, but there is always one tablet per ruin.

Containers specifically are very far in a tech tree and need a big crusher to build them plus rover’s welder research. You best bet is ‘cabinets’ that can be built in workshop (for some reason they are in a botanical tech tree (first research) and listed in ‘garage’ section of blueprints.

  • Mechanical = Building or scrapping stuff.
  • Material = Mining.
  • Electrical = Solarpanels and wiring up.
  • Botanical = Growing food, making seeds etc.

When you need the blueprint of an item to get that item, you need to find it in abandoned bases on a abandoned tablet. If you find one, pick it up, open your inventory, rightclick on it and select use.

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