My Time at Sandrock – Logan Hideout Puzzle Guide

Logan Hideout Puzzle

Have a couple of suggestions, but want to mention a couple of bugs/area problems:

Second / Half of Puzzle

There’s a button jump into a 3 layered hoop that 4 bombs pop up. I couldn’t get it to work. Went straight down the middle without touching the sides and can’t hit the bombs. So not sure about that part.

If facing the 2nd half room with the ramp into Logan’s lair on the left, to the right down at the back wall, it is possible to get into the lower wall section. Once in there, and behind the interior wall button jumps, there’s a pit? that if you drop down you can’t get back out. It’s a save you’ve made or an Auto-save. I thought I had a screenie of it, but it didn’t take for some reason. I’ll load and old save and try to get a pic of the area.

Puzzle Stuff

1st Room:

I think it’s a bit confusing at first when you enter the room and the camera moves to show you the buttons if/what importance they play at all. I actually didn’t need them in that room and prolly got all the chests the “wrong way”. More than likely I didn’t use the ships in the middle the “right way” either. Even then, I blew them off completely to get the chest on the blue brick sticking out of the wall at the bottom.

When the camera first swung to show the buttons, I thought jumping on the buttons would move/rotate the nutcrackers to create paths (running along weapons or jumping along/off a portion of them.) I figure that assumption about the buttons was just me and maybe not what others thought on the camera showing them off.

2nd Room:

This one was much more clear because of already encountering the 1st room and that the buttons didn’t do what I thought at first they would do. Added in was the Hoops and then showing the buttons.

Didn’t find the path at all hard in this room. Quite easy as a matter of fact and exploring it was far and away more fun than the 1st room. In fact, the hidden areas (exception of the trap mentioned above) made it wonderful. There isn’t a “timed” event in this room, which the flying ships feel like. It has the added bonus of hidden areas that make it fun.

Suggestion 1st Room:

Have hidden levers or switches on the path to the right (bouncing over onto the clouds then onto the building direction,) that cause the planes to either pause for a time or rotate the Nutcrackers so you can use them as a bounce platform and skip the planes all together. The planes, I would say, are the whole “ugh” to the puzzle in general.

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