Rain World – Beginners Tips for Garbage Wastes

Garbage Wastes Advice

  • You could find bats, fruits, small centipedes, popcorn plants and bubble fruits to eat in the Garbage Wastes.
  • Popcorn fruits, in case you don´t know, can be opened by throwing spears at them, and fill your hunger bar, although, when you eat from one(jump and shift button when you touch one) it will be available again a few cycles later.
  • Bubble fruits are plants that will pop when you take it onto water, you can eat them after they pop. They are around some areas and you notice that you can´t eat them if they´re not popped.
  • Small centipedes, just grab and eat them quickly, they are around only one area of the region though.
  • Blue fruits can be find all around the area. If your hunger bar is allready filled, remember to take one or two with you to the next shelter you go so that in the enxt cycle you already have food available.
  • Bats you can lure with the batplant, which is a plant that attracts them, you notice that when you eat the plant it does nothing to your hunger bar, it´s only use is to attract batflies and trade with scavengers. I usually don´t go out of my way to find bats, I´m terrible at catching them.
  • In regards to the scavengers (dudes with spears), they can be friendly with you if you give them food and other things (From i remember you use down+shift to drop an item). To pass a scavenger toll you need to give them a pearl, which I don´t believe respawn. The Garbage Wastes is filled with pearls though, you can find them lying around everywhere and can use them to pass scavenger tolls(other items are considered less valuable and most will not allow you to pass through the tolls). Remember, the scavengers have a reputation system, if you give them items they will most likely give one back and become more frinedly towards you, helping them kill enemies also help improve reputation, but if you attack them, your reputation(with all scavengers in the game) will take a hit, and they can become hostile.
  • If I were you, I would fist rest in an area of the region that has a lot of food nearby, like small centipedes or blue fruits, and once I reach the required karma level(the symbol necessary to pass to another area)I would grab a pearl(you can store it in your stomach, hold shift to eat, and hold shift to spit it out), and them only after I pass the toll and pass the gate to another area would I save.
  • Finally, remember that you can use space to access your mental map, and if you want it, there´s a movement tutorial on the internet about all the moves you can learn to do with slugcat. Knowing two or three of those can really help you a little bit.
  • To kill lizards easily, remember to throw a rock first to stun them, and a spear afterwards, in their back or belly (may need to do multiple times to kill, just grab the spear you threw and keep throwing).
  • There´s a lot to discover in this game and I thing it´s best for you to discover most of it by yourself, hope I helped a little bit. Bye.
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