My Time at Sandrock – Hints and Advices for Beginners

While the in-game days and/or passage of time involved may change as development changes, the following was true for me the last time played, and might help out a new player.

Advice for Newbies

Farming is not possible on day 1, when you first start. Eventually, (for me, it was on day 11 after starting) you’ll get an Event/Mission regarding the Moisture Farm and Zeke. The reward from that is your first planting kit, which, after you activate/use/consume it, you can now do farming on your own plot.

It’s possible the other story line Events (Picking Up the Slack, The Show Must Go On, Farewell Party, Cover Your Glass, Pitching In, The Old Man and the Tree, Moisture Farm Blues) must all be completed first, however long that takes each player, rather than being on day 11.

Cooking is not possible on day 1, when you first start. If you research the Drying Rack, it is the next item you can research after that in the progression of that series of diagrams. It’s called ‘Apprentice Cooking Station’.

However, the research for that item is not on the default research tab/page (the Gear Icon) but rather, on the secondary research tab/page (the Wrench Icon). If you had the Discs to give to Qi to do the research with appropriate speed-ups, I suppose you could potentially unlock Cooking on day 3.

For me, I didn’t even notice the second tab for research items, and was waiting for some Event or Mission to reveal the Cooking Station. So, at least you can get it sooner than I did, if that’s a goal for you.

Once you have the Refiner machine, you will start to see quality based Commissions. This can be.. a bit surprising the first time around, as you have to pay attention to the background color of the item(s) being requested in the order.

In some cases, they are quite costly (in materials) to create at quality, especially many items, so caution is advised. As a consequence, I had to actually abandon a Commission, (gasp) so hopefully you can avoid that, although the penalty isn’t terrible if you have to.

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