My Time at Sandrock – How to Farm Social Knowledge

Tips for Social Knowledge Farming

Do lots of commissions!

I’ve been doing as many commissions as possible, and I’m getting dang close to maxing out most of the Social tree and I’m only Lv38, and the last MSQ I did was “Clear the Air”.

I haven’t even been doing the Civil Corps Commissions, I just do the 3 per day from the Guild (assuming they have suitable commissions TO do…) every day when possible.

Also, when you turn a commission in, it should be obvious, but you should always Chat while you’re there too which is another point. So really it’s 33 points/day if you do 3 commissions.

You could grab the +1 commission and do 4 but that starts getting hard as lots of times you’ll run out of reasonable items to do and they’ll want stupid stuff like vegetables that aren’t sustainable long-term (takes way too long to grow them) or stupid junk like switchboards (the circuits are hard to get in any large numbers).

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  1. It’s too bad that Critters doesn’t give any Social EXP.
    Winning festivals, or participating should give a bunch, at least in my opinion.
    Going up friendship levels should give a bonus, and gifts on holidays and birthdays giving increased EXP would also be nice.

    There’s just no real huge gains, at least that’s how it feels.
    I’ve been mostly lazy and just grabbing commissions for the 10 exp per completion.
    It’s very slow, but steady I guess.
    I’ve still got quite a ways to go to fill out the chart.

  2. It’s not that hard but it takes time. Everytime you are free try to get ressources that you’re lacking. Normally I start to define “I want to have 10 of each bars/parts ready to use”, if not, I’ll go to grab the material. Of course, that number can be increased as furter you go, but I think 20 is a good amout of about most of the things. Same goes with the farming, as soon you can start to plant the trees (coffee and chessnut), once they mature you’ll have a free source of income. And as you plant the other crops you can and put in storage, you’ll also have enough for any commissions.

    • Given how often Coffee Beans, and the other crops come up, I’d think that you surely can’t possibly keep up with it unless you dedicate a ridiculous amount of your yard to crop farming?

      I’m finding Coffee Beans and that other veggie… Cantaloupe I think? being asked for like every other fricken day and it takes several days to grow. That’s just not sustainable.

      Meanwhile, on the regular commissions, they keep asking for Switchboards (you can get 1 circuit per day from the robot outside the salvage yard, +1 possible from running The Breach even if you get S rank, the circuit is not guaranteed and the commissions always ask for 4-5 of them.

      EDIT: Also getting tired of seeing tanned leather constantly, too.

      And/or a few other annoying items, heck I have an S-Rank workshop as I completely trounced Yan’s silly butt at the first year-end tally, I beat him by like 2k points and I see…

      Copper Screws.

      Really? Copper Screws?

      There’s also another really annoying to get early game item that isn’t worth jack (like 15 points) that I can’t remember that I keep seeing.

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