Wartales – How to Capture the Enemy

Tips to Capture the Enemy

Have Rope (for animals) or chains (for people, can be bought at jails) and drop their health low. The lower the better, it increases your chances of success. After you get them low, bring a second party member up to him while the first is engaged with the target and you will see an option to KO the poor sap.

Addendum: The health level needs to be below 50% of the enemy’s starting health. After that, as stated above, the chance to capture goes up the lower the health gets.

A tip: It is easier to capture enemies that are closer in level to you, as they have more health compared to lower level enemies. Also, using mercenaries with high critical chance can end up one-shotting them, so be mindful of that.

Lastly to capture the enemy with the second mercenary: In order to use the “Capture” skill, your mercenary must not have already used their basic attack. Special attacks are fine, but the “Capture” skill counts as a basic attack.

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