Trepang 2 – Tips to Use Cloak Efficiently

Cloak Tips

Cloak is full invisibility and the main things that break it are your attacks, melee or guns doesn’t matter. It’ll then immediately go to 0 and start recharging. Doing cloak in front of an enemy is the same as behind cover.

Enemies in the game work off the “Last Position” rule when shooting and moving around, wherever they last saw you, they’ll shoot at and take cover against. This involves cloaking and even just running behind a wall, they’ll shoot at the corner you passed and until they see you emerge from the other side, completely ignore the other exit you have full access to. When using cloak be aware of where the enemies last saw you, if it was at the corner you just turned for instance, they’ll keep firing and unless you slide past it, you’ll risk getting shot when you go by.

So the best cloak methods are for repositioning, escapes and popping into enemy squads for cheeky kills. Basically play fast hide n seek with cloak, you don’t need 100% cloak to start it, it lets you start it at like 30-40% and even if it’s shorter lived that’s still atleast a second or so of almost risk free movement to rush up to someone and slam their face or at the very least find cover to hide.

TLDR for others: Cloak good even if used literally in front of enemies, abuse for repositioning and cheeky kills.

Oh right, hostages die quick and you lose protection from them near-immediately once starting any of the animations, they’re extremely risky but if you get a hostage at the start of any encounter you haven’t taken a hostage in, enemies will actually NOT shoot you until you shoot back or kill the hostage. That all being said, hostage grenades are an invaluable tool to produce quick explosives and take care of groups, if you can manage to snag someone at the back of a group without being spotted, you can effectively nuke that group of enemies and slide out by the time they realize.

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