MementoMori: AFKRPG – Luke’s Profile


  • Height: 168
  • Weight: 49
  • Blood Type: A
  • Birthday: 1/1
  • Lament: Lone Star
  • Song by: Ayaka Hirahara
  • CV: Ami Koshimizu

A proud girl raised as a knight by her once noble family. She has a strong sense of duty, but those close to her inevitably meet their ends. Now known as the “Harbinger of Death,” Luke fears that she will bring about the demises of her lords and comrades.


I was born into a noble family with a long history of knights. I’m a girl, but I was rigorously raised as if I were a boy. If my father wanted an heir, he could have adopted one. But he loved my late mother so deeply, that he decided to raise me—his only child—with his own hands. I endured ruthless training to meet his expectations, and before long, I became a knight. “Be proud till the end, and swear unending loyalty to your lord. That is the honor of a knight,” my father preached, his lessons being engraved into my heart.

My first lord was the master of a middle-ranking family of nobles. He was a greedy and arrogant man, but since I was appointed as his knight, I felt obligated to fulfill my duties. However, his people couldn’t bear his tyrannical ways. They staged a revolt, and he perished in the chaos. It all happened while I was away from his side… for I was ordered to evacuate his daughter to safety…… How pathetic of me. I failed to protect my lord… My next lord was the son in a high-ranking family of nobles. I devoted everything to him, vowing to not let the same tragedy happen twice… But, I failed yet again… I let him die.

My second lord had a target on his back… He was caught in the middle of a vicious dispute over inheritance. He was in the company of other knights, including myself. But assassins slipped into our ranks… and our entire convoy was massacred. I was the only one left. Knowing what must be done to protect my lord, I raised my weapon. I’ll stop the enemy even if it costs me my life. If I can just fulfill my purpose as a knight, then I will gladly leap into the arms of death…! So long as my lord is safe… But in the end, I once again failed to protect. Instead, I was the one who was protected. In exchange for my life, he turned his own blade against himself… and perished. Why…? Why protect me…? A knight’s role is to protect their lord… but I’ve never once been able to accomplish that! The harsh truth is… everyone who gets close to me… ends up dead.

I served many lords since then, for I knew I had to keep pushing forward. I even deliberately took on as many dangerous missions as I could. However, death came knocking at the doors of every lord I served. Powerless to prevent their deaths… I eventually became known as the “Harbinger of Death.” I thought the name suited me. After all… I let each and every one of my lords die. My ambition was to be a proud knight, but continuing on this path would just lead to more people suffering. If that is my fate, I will cast my knighthood away, and live a life of solitude… The moment I made that decision, a young child paid me a visit. She said to me, “Would you do me the honor of serving as my knight?”

I refused her, saying, “I am one who beckons death… and I will surely bring disaster your way.” “You don’t die because you are strong, and for that, I am alive.”Hearing her words, I remembered who she was. It was her—the daughter of my first lord. Ah, I see… There actually was someone I was able to protect. I only ever counted the number of lives lost under my watch, never considering anything else… even though there certainly were a number of lives I did save… If my sins are forgiven… I will take my oath as a knight once more. I will protect this child’s future with my life. After spending the next several years together… a riot erupted in town. I escorted her to her carriage in an effort to help her escape…

She climbed inside, and in that instant… the carriage burst into flames. I felt shards of wood and sparks graze my cheeks. Immediately, I thrusted my arms into the flames. “I have to save her…! I have to save the kind-hearted girl who believed in me…!” But the undying flames consumed everything… their heat preventing me from getting any closer to the wreckage. “Don’t you dare take her…! If I am to be cursed with this fate of death, then take me instead .I’ll die as many times as it takes! So please, spare her…!” The flames were hot enough to burn my arms off… but that was nothing compared to the ice freezing my heart… When the flames completely subsided, I held what was left of her in my arms. My eyes saw complete darkness… It felt as if a part of me… disappeared…

I later learned that the explosion was meant… for me. Villains with a grudge against me tampered with the carriage… She was just dragged into this disaster! She died… all because of me… I kept on this path with nothing but my knight’s pride in my heart… But instead of protecting lives, I just destroy them… Suddenly… a bright light pierced through the darkness… Someone reached their hand out to me… But, I have no right to take it. Should the owner of this hand take mine, then they, too, will…As those dark thoughts clouded my mind… I felt a push forward… from two small hands… Someone whispered softly… “Live. The futures of many are waiting for you… Don’t forget that…” Yes, that’s right… This is her final command to me… so I must answer to it. For I am… a knight! I can’t die—not yet. I must live on… for I now know there is something I must do. “With this life that’s bound to everyone… for the protection of their futures…” I offer my sword! I swear this on my knight’s—on my pride…!

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