MementoMori: AFKRPG – Libra’s Profile


  • Height: 150
  • Weight: 40
  • Blood Type: B
  • Birthday: 10/3
  • Lament: Orion Shining Above the Skies at Noon
  • Song by: ENA
  • CV: Eri Yukimura

A girl from a hidden village of witches. She had given up on life, believing witches could never live normally. She flees home upon hearing rumors of the Duke, and falls for him when he saves her from the Knights of Longinus. Libra is easygoing but insecure, with nothing else but love on her mind.


I’ve been a witch from the day I was born. Raised in a village made up of witches and their families, I grew up thinking that being a witch was normal. I mean my mom’s a witch, and all my neighbors were witches… My whole life revolved around witches. As per village law, I tried not to involve myself with “normal” people… But I was always so jealous of the people in the books I read—free to live their lives however they want in the outside world.

“Witches aren’t the only ones that can’t do what they want, you know. Suck it up.” That’s what Mom always used to say. We had to live in secrecy, deep within the mountains, giving up on having any form of a life. I thought I had come to accept it, but somewhere deep in my heart I was screaming .“Am I seriously okay with this?! God, I’m such a coward!”

“Have you heard about the lord from the country next door?” One day, I learned of a lord that’s apparently protecting witches.This is probably my first and last chance at changing my life. Determined to start anew, I set out for the country he was in. From here on, it’s a new me. No more of this giving up on my dreams. I’ll live life my own way!

With my heart overflowing with courage and hope, I fled the village, but… It wasn’t long before I was captured by the Knights of Longinus.They shackled my hands… and threw me into a dark jail cell. “I’m so cold…” All I did was leave the village… Why does this have to happen to me? Why…? My heart was about to be crushed by despair. But then, out of nowhere… that lord—he appeared.

My lord didn’t just save me, he gave me freedom. And yet, I still haven’t been able to do anything for him in return. I’m a weak, good-for-nothing country bumpkin… And on top of all that, I’m a witch. I know that with the way I am now, I’ll never get anywhere. But one day, I will become someone who has the confidence to stand by his side. I’d never be able to tell this to his face… but that’s my dream. Just you watch, my lord. This time, I’ll change for sure.

I started living at my lord’s mansion, but… man, there sure are a ton of pretty people around him. I won’t give up though! The me that used to live behind excuses is long gone. This is the new me. Day one! For starters, I tried changing my hairstyle. No reaction… Well, it is the first day, after all! Day two. I tried changing my clothes. No reaction… I-I’m just getting started! Day three. I tried putting on perfume. Come on… Nothing… I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up… Day four. We met in the hallway. H-Hold on! I haven’t prepared myself… Huh…? It’s amazing how I always give it my all? Me? Watching me gives you the courage to try harder…? Wh-What’s with that…? Are you trying to kill me here? I know you don’t mean it like that, but… now I just wanna try even harder… One day… I’ll become a girl so pretty, you’ll never be able to look away. So don’t let me go, okay?

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