MementoMori: AFKRPG – Mimi’s Profile


  • Height: 154
  • Weight: 39
  • Blood Type: A
  • Birthday: 4/29
  • Lament: The Clock Strikes 12
  • Song by: Mimi (Kana Ichinose)
  • CV: Kana Ichinose

A cat-girl who wandered into the streets of the Duchy of Fran. She is a hardworking, cheerful girl who, for some reason, can talk to cats. Mimi admires dancers, and never goes a day without practicing her own dance moves.


The 15th day of spring. Mimi stumbled into the boss’s territory. Harbor town is a heaven for fish lovers, but the boss cat always fought with Mimi. It’s so annoying! Today Mimi ended up with only a fish tail… Haah, Mimi is so hungry.

The 2nd day of summer. Mimi went to the harbor tonight. Other cats shouldn’t be around at night… Mimi’s fur-end Nero warned that drunk hoomans could kick Mimi to the sky… but Mimi’s sooo hungry. Well, I guess I’ll try that shiny store first. It would be nice if Mimi can pick up something delicious there.

The 24th day of fall. Mimi had an encounter that would change her life fur-ever. Inside that store filled with music, purr-dy dancers moved their bodies in ways that Mimi had never seen before. Everyone’s attention was on them. Mimi wants to dance just like them, so Mimi can become paw-pular, too!

The 12th day of winter. Mimi started going to that store every day to learn the dance. As usual, Mimi peeked through the window, but today, one of the dancers spoke to Mimi! Mimi’s heart was pounding! Mimi wanted to be just like her, so Mimi asked the purr-dy dancer to teach her. “I’d prefer to live a free life like yours, but you want to be like me?” she smiled. Uhh… what does she mean? Mmm, but now she’s Mimi’s teacher,so it doesn’t matter!

One year passed since that encounter. Mimi got better at dancing and became good fur-ends with her teacher. But… Mimi can’t go back to the store anymore. It burned down to ashes… I think Abby said it was the Curse, but Mimi still believes in the paw-sibility of meeting her teacher again somewhere. Next time we meet, Mimi will surprise her for sure! That’s why Mimi will practice every day and become a paw-some dancer!

Get this! Mimi was reunited with her purr-ecious dancer fur-end at Master’s mansion! Now she can teach me lots of new dances! Mimi’s so happy that she’s safe and sound. She started teaching Mimi some dance moves right away. Meow… She’s soooo purr-dy and cool. But, she can’t dance in front of large crowds like she did before… She seems kind of bored… That’s it! Mimi has a paw-some idea!

Mimi asked Master for help, and he made a big stage so everyone could watch her. And guess what? Mimi gets to dance, too! Yay!! Mimi’s so excited to dance with her! She actually said Mimi isn’t ready for an audience yet… that’s why she was really strict in rehearsal. But, I think that really helped me improve! I’m really grateful to her! Mimi is thankful to Master, too! You’ll be head over paws with our dancing, so I hope you enjoy it! Meow, meow, me-ow…

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