MementoMori: AFKRPG – Rean’s Profile


  • Height: 164
  • Weight: 49
  • Blood Type: O
  • Birthday: 11/4
  • Lament: Balefire
  • Song by: konoco
  • CV: Natsumi Murakami

A courageous and energetic girl from a village on the Galia-Adria border. She has been searching for her abducted childhood friend, Priscilla, refusing to give up even when the odds are stacked against her. It is easy to get along with this cheerful girl, but nearly impossible for her to calm down.


That day, I snuck the crown out of the house, and I put it on her head. Then, I pretended to be her knight and served her. I did it all because I wanted to spend more time with her—that scared and quiet girl. We made a promise—to one day go outside the village without any worries. “…Priscilla, I’ll protect you.” We were connected, in that both our families descended from the witch who founded our village. In that miserable village that dreaded us, Zara and Skuld were the only ones who would come out and play…. But, I was so happy.

Some time after Skuld returned to her hometown, and Zara joined the military, I invited Priscilla to go outside the village for the first time. She had been crushed ever since the two had left, so I wanted to cheer her up… even if just a little. Priscilla was worried about stepping outside, but… it’s okay—I’ll protect you. I held her hand so she wouldn’t get lost, and the two of us had so much fun. It was my first time seeing a village so lively… My first time in forever seeing Priscilla’s smile.That… was our last happy memory together.

On the way home, these men in black suddenly appeared and surrounded us. “…Our witch…! Our beloved witch!” Every man was shouting, their eyes cast onto Priscilla. Having no idea who these men were, I drew my sword and ran towards them. I have to protect Priscilla…! But I was powerless… There were simply too many of them. Injured, I kneeled helplessly as one of the men came to finish me off. It was then that Priscilla screamed, and flames engulfed everything around us.

The air reeked of burning embers, and a cold blade was aimed at my throat. Standing there dazed, I heard Priscilla’s voice. “…I’ll go. So please… Please spare Rean!” No… No way… Don’t do this! …That explosion was Priscilla’s power. She became a witch to protect me, and those men took her away in exchange for my life. Priscilla… Priscilla…!! I kept calling to her as she left, forced to wear a crown identical to the one in our village.

When the carriage carrying Priscilla vanished into the distance, someone spoke. “…We will return our witch to where she belongs. You are not needed.” Ahh… From the very beginning, these men never intended to keep their promise. Am I going to die here, unable to protect her…? I can’t let that happen… I can’t…! Before I knew it, the rage… and the shame from not being able to keep my promise had granted me magical power. One of the men noticed my transformation, but he was too late. I won’t let you get away with this… I will defeat every last one of you…!

I returned to the village, snuck into my house and stole the crown. It was a gorgeous crown, said to have been worn by the witch who founded the village. To me, it was a symbol of the promise we made. It’s the same as the one they forced her to wear—the mark of a witch. On an old paper hidden with the crown, I read about the group who took Priscilla. They were a secret society created by aristocrats—a society that worshipped the witch. The witch was rescued by traitors within the society, allowing her to make her way here to found this village. And ever since then, the society has been searching… Searching for the village of traitors, and the witch they were to worship.

If I were to have become a witch sooner, I could have protected her… No, it’s too late for excuses. That’s why, I’m going to go save her now. I… probably won’t ever return to this village. After all, if Priscilla and I stay here, we’ll just be tools to keep the witch’s bloodline alive. Wait for me, Priscilla…! I’ll keep the promise I made to you. And I will never, ever give up until we’re together again!

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