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  • Height: 156
  • Weight: 43
  • Blood Type: O
  • Birthday: 11/17
  • Lament: I Am What I Am, Or Maybe I’m Not
  • Song by: Kurokumo
  • CV: Hina Tachibana

A girl from the Kingdom of Chekkos who keeps her distance from others. Her memory only lasts for one week, and she forgets all that happened within that period of time. So, in order to try and hold onto what she can, Carol writes down everything important to her in the pages of her book.


Every seven days, my memory resets. Perhaps to compensate for that, I’m able to remember every vivid detail within those seven days. That is the magical power I’ve been given. I use that power to record everything necessary into my book, so that when I lose my memory, all I need to do is read back through the pages. Unfortunately though, nothing is written about how I became a witch… or how I obtained this power.

When I read through this book, I can trace back to my lost memories. Happy memories, sad memories, important memories… All are precious footprints that I no longer remember. Some of my writing looks like it’s about to jump off the page with excitement, while some is as gloomy as a dark cloudy day. It’s funny how easily I can tell what my emotions were at the time. I’m unable to remember anything, so this is the only way for me to regain my memory. It might seem inconvenient, but it’s not as bad as it seems. I find it quite fun to read a story where I’m the protagonist.

This page seems more worn out than the others. It must have been one of my favorites. It’s just an ordinary diary entry about going to a party. But, I must have enjoyed myself because I’m unusually chatty in it. I continue reading without much thought, but a hole slowly begins to eat away at my heart. I don’t know the person enjoying themself in this diary entry. It feels as though my friends have been taken away from me. I beat myself up every time for how jealous I get of my past self.

I didn’t want to create anymore new memories. At this rate, there will definitely come a day when I’ll have a memory that I’ll never want to let go of. A memory so beautiful that no words could even begin to describe it. Or… maybe I’ve already had such a memory, but I just didn’t write it down. Because if I forget the fact that I’ve forgotten about it, then there’ll be no pain.

I write… and re-write… but I still can’t find the right words to express it. This heart-pounding joyful sensation, and the other feeling that’s sprouting within me… With a few more days, this emotion is sure to start budding. Just two days left… I need to write about it before it’s taken away from me. But, when I flipped to the next page, there it was—The same sentence I had just written—word for word—with the same scribbles in the exact same spots. Ah, what the heck… I’ve just been repeating the same thing over and over again.

Day six—another day of regret. Today, I ended up tagging along with everyone again. Even though I kept telling them to leave me alone… Even though I tried to be mean to them… None of that fazes them. They still come pester me… No, that’s not right… If I really was against it, I could easily just go disappear somewhere. But here I am, writing my memories with them down… and then repeating the same cycle. I get it now… I’m the one that wants to see them. These precious people that keep befriending me time and time again… Mm, I’m okay now. I… I really have been lucky, huh?

Senpai keeps spending time with someone like me. He really doesn’t know when to quit. The first thing I wrote when I met him was that I was only helping him solve the Curses in this world. But before I knew it, the entries in my book had started to become all about Senpai… Oh look, hehehe, I just wrote another one. At this rate, I’m pretty sure my book’s going to be filled to the brim with him…. Not that I really mind that, though. Today is day seven. Tomorrow’s “me” will be the new  “me.” So listen up, new “me”—don’t forget to be nice to Senpai, okay?

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