Melvor Idle – Starting Tips for Noobs

Useful Tips for New Players

I would recommend mastering Astrology & Firemaking prior to grinding Mastery on any other skill because of the juicy Mastery XP gain bonuses in all other skills those two would provide. And build your Agility to maximize Mastery XP gain. If you have done so, you should have a nice bonus from any Owl + almost anything synergy to give you more Mastery XP on Summoning. Though Eagle + almost anything might be better for interval reduction, depending on what you are doing.

Another neat trick is that if you have Throne expansion, you should just focus on mastering the base game and 100% completing the base game to get the Cape of Completion and you can wear that to expand the mastery pool so you can idle longer if needed on the expansion pools. And obviously you want Clown Hat, Clue Chaser, and Ring of Mastery.

Assuming you have already done all of the above, you should chew through Smithing Mastery. As already mentioned: the Mastery Checkpoints don’t really save you too much on Smithing, 10% doubling at 95% isn’t saving you resources, So you can very safely dip down to 50%. And all the way down to 10% if you don’t mind losing the 10% preservation. A tip for Mastery on Smithing: max out the gear items you –cannot use in other recipes and agility courses- with the pool and spend time actually crafting the items you can use up to 99: Daggers for Goblin tablets, Battleaxes for Minotaur tablets, Shields for Yak tablets. Javelin Heads to help you level Mastery in Fletching later for Javelins that you can then use for Beavers tablets, Arrowheads for Arrows to level Fletching, to attack with, and to use on certain Agility courses.

You cannot use Helmets in any recipe (except for upgrading said helmet). So if you spend time Smithing 10,000 helmets, you will only sell them. Can’t throw them at the enemies, unfortunately. Same for most armor pieces. Platebodies and Platelegs also cost a lot of bars. So you will expend more resources Smithing Platebodies than if you would just pump Mastery tokens and points into them up to 99 while Smithing more useful things.

Runecrafting follows that trend hardcore: it is very expensive to craft up to level 99 mastery on Expert Wizard gear or Battle Staves. It will save a lot of time (and runes) to just pump those items to 99 while crafting actual runes or lower level gear.

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