Solargene – Gameplay Tips for New Players

Beginners Tips

  • You can create a colony for another nation and transfer personnel from earth through your orbital stations. But take into account the time for the flight of personnel from earth – it can take a long time.
  • If you fulfill the contracts for the creation of ships, the ships will be transferred to the customer.
  • Also, if you have a sufficient amount of money, then you do not have to fulfill contracts and you can create your own colony and extract resources, study technology.
  • You can also create a spaceship, fly to another planet and establish a colony there.

When you have a station (with people) around moon (or Mars, …), you can make a colony on ground (and if you have a colony on moon you can launch a station).

I have developed 2 moon colonies: 1 for helium-3 (15k cash / 1 item) and 1 for tourism (I have transfered control of colony to all countries on moon, so I have every kind of tourist on moon).

Now, I accept only contracts with tourists, and I have > 500 Million of cash (I check every 24h my tourist colony to assign every people to food, medic, … to stay with 4.5/5 stars of satisfaction). Helium-3 colony is my priority

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