Mad Games Tycoon 2 – How to Use Employees

Regarding Employees Tips

The best use for employees is in their own “specialized” room, graphics and sound artists are not so good in the Development room – they give you a bit more sound/graphics than programmers or game designers, but they’ll bring down your gameplay and tech (control) stats.

Also, one researcher on their own can pay for themselves by giving you a lot more speed than four of anything else could give you. I tend to hire researchers early in the game, and it’s never dragged me down.

At the start of the game, I tend to go with a small-ish team at first, but as soon as I’m making some money, I start growing. I’ll try to have at least thirty people in development* as soon as I can handle it, and sometimes I’ll have a work force of three digits by 1985. It works – salaries pretty much “pay themselves” once you start making good games.

As a tip that many new players end up finding on their own: There is only one thing you need to know about hiring “Legendary” employees: Don’t. They cost up to 10x the money normal employees cost, give you only (at best) five times as many stats as a normal employee, and their only “special” trait is a perk that can become obsolete by 1985, or even by the time you start publishing games through an NPC. The perk is one that lets them add “hype” to a game, but only up to 60 points. Your own games will, when your studio and IP grow big enough, start at 60 hype rendering these employees glorified money sinks, and NPCs, specially the 5-star ones, have a tendency to automatically market your games on week one, giving them anywhere from 80 to 100 hype further turning “Legendary” employees a cosmetic feature.

Oh, and for starter genres, do not pick Racing or Adventure. They need more graphics and sound than Skill and Puzzle, making them much harder to get good scores for early on. They also have a lot of early unsuitable gameplay features, which means you’ll have to be adding more points through your employees, and may probably get a lower score from lack of features (but this shouldn’t happen until the mid-eighties for B games.)

This means the Development studio and any of the “specialized” studio that are tied to game development: QA, Sound studio, Graphics studio, Music studio, and much later, Motion Capture studio.

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