WARNO – Beginners Tips

Tips for Newcomers

Warno is a game where experience will be the best teacher. It’s takes time and practice to really get an understanding of the flow of the game.

I would not recommend following online tutorials, but keep playing operations and skirmishes with friends against A.I. Learn from your mistakes firsthand. Perform trials and errors with Divisions you put together yourself and not copying from online sources. You want to develop your own strategies with a Division you put together yourself and you also want to develop your own sense of playstyle and strategies.

If you copy Divisions or adopt strategies from tutorials or other players, you will not gain a deep understanding of the game yourself.

Overall, Warno is a game that you will just have to play, practice, dedicate time and accept that you have plenty of room for improvement.

  1. Use recon to get some idea what units the enemy has, and where they are. Put some thought into overcoming those smaller battles, as an effort to win the overall battle.
  2. Use tanks higher armor values as a shield against some incoming munitions (they can eat a few ATGM rounds before dying). When they start getting really damaged, use smoke and reverse them to safety for repairs.
  3. Behind the cover of the tanks, send infantry (either on foot or in IFV like BMP/Bradley) towards the attack point (woods/town). If you use a vehicle, halt it like 800m short of the attack point (to avoid RPG fire).
  4. The enemy will likely have units present. So maneuver your tanks and IFV’s, perhaps support units like planes or artillery, to damage/destroy these opposition.
  5. Secure the attack point with your infantry, then spread them out to clear the area.
  6. Move your tanks and AA forward to establish a new defensive line, encompassing the area you just captured.
  7. Do it all again.

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