Mad Games Tycoon 2 – What Do Stars and Hearts Do?

Explanation of Stars and Hearts

They affect your game review scores, and your sales.

The more stars a thing is, the better. Five star licenses will generate a lot more sales, five star publishers capture the largest audiences.

For all the bits and bobs that go into a game, the stars represent ‘experience’ and each missing star takes away a little of your final review score.

That’s why the advice is to churn through contract games in the early game, build up a lot of stars in your game features, platforms, engine features, and then when you publish your own you won’t be penalised so heavily for missing them.

Get five hearts with a publisher, which you can do by completing contracts and by giving them your games to publish, and they will offer you an exclusive contract. More $$ per game and a nice signing bonus as well. You want to go for this.

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