Limbus Company – My Form Empties Tips

How to Kill My Form Empties

  • You do not have meta IDs, so consider to drop LCCB Ishmael for other options (Liu Gregor is also very good).
  • Also, your damage burst is not very good as well, so it’s better to stack karma and let the enemy dies with it. Every time you win clashes against some of the the boss’ skils, it stack karma on its allies.
  • Then, just defensively play around it until turn 10, where you will prob stack enough karma to kill the mobs. It’s time for take down the boss. Just win clash and carefully chip down its HP. Then when the “special action” starts. spam everything you have on the staggered boss or it will start spamming AoE at you.
  • Also, if needed, use AoE. This is the last stage, so do not save them. If you need to win the clash, just throw the skill out.

That’s it. Good luck!

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