Sentinels of the Multiverse – How to Beat the Chairman

Chairman Tips

A 3-man team of Wraith, Visionary, and AZ is going to struggle. The Visionary cheese works best on a 5-man team, because as you saw, it is basically a self-sacrifice. The other 4 clear the field and Visionary shuffles it all back in. Shuffling the trash in when the Chairman has 4-8 cards in play doesn’t help much, as you found out.

AZ takes a long time to get rolling, which leaves Wraith as your sole damage dealer. I don’t wonder she couldn’t keep up; though it sounds like you may have gotten unlucky with some double underbosses.

The Chairman’s only Area Damage are the 3-hp Hired Guns and The Muscle underboss.

There’s actually very little Area Damage in his deck. Now if the Contract comes out on the same turn as another Underboss, you may be in trouble. The hardest Chairman is a turn-1 double Underboss play with the Contract and the Deputy. But if you don’t get double underbosses, you should be able to deal with the damage that comes.

It is possible that you are sometimes getting really unlucky pulls. If the Chairman comes out with double underbosses on turn 1, and then does the same thing on turn 2, you might just get buried no matter what team you bring.

I thought I’d play a new game vs. Chairman with Parse, Skyscraper, Sentinels, and Tempest in a random environment (Mobile Defense Platform). Here’s the rundown of the first four rounds. The luck of the draw can be a huge factor, so there might be nothing useful here for you. Also no one has talked about environments, which can make or break a battle.

But if it interests you, here it is.

Round 1

The Operative pulls the Contract. I am very lucky because the first card play is Jailbreak. I take hits, but 3 damage to everyone isn’t a big deal. Yet.

I am able to kill the Contract/Hired Gun while getting out the ongoing cards Buffer Overflow (Parse), Proportionist (Skyscraper) and Grievous Hailstorm (Tempest). The area damage puts some minor hits on the Operative.

Round 2

The Deputy/Crooked Cop come out. Undivided Attention one-shot puts another 7 damage on my team, but it’s on high HP heroes.

I am again able to kill them both, with some more minor damage to the Operative. Skyscraper is now tiny (with a couple of links on the Operative) and Tempest has Healing Downpour in play (though he hasn’t used it).

Round 3

The Second Jailbreak comes out, which I discard with Parse’s Buffer Overflow. In a different setup, it would have been super lucky to have both come out so soon. In this case, the second one is irrelevant since I am discarding it regardless of whether it comes out soon or late.

In its place, the Chairman draws the Muscle. The Operative pulls The Fence. My first double-Underboss turn.

Skyscraper comes through with a Tectonic Chokeslam one-shot + Proportionist ongoing + Concussive Clap power use for 5 damage to all enemies, allowing me to again clear the field. The Sentinels mop up what remains. Mainstay has used his Block power every turn, so they haven’t taken much damage. My 3 main heroes have all taken retaliatory hits from the Operative and are in the mid-teens in hp.

Tempest heals everyone, turn over. Operative at 24 hp.

Round 4

At this point, the Chairman would flip; but I’ve been playing on the Mobile Defense Platform environment and the Sky-Deck has been shoving some targets back under his deck instead of discarding them. So I’m still a couple of underbosses short.

The Operative pulls the Deputy out again. But the Chairman’s card play is just two more environment cards (which in Mobile Defense Platform are usually meaningless).

I do a lot of setup this turn, which means my damage drops and I am only barely able to clear the Deputy/Crooked Cop. Parse puts out the Snap Decision ongoing card. Skyscraper goes mid, clears the links for damage and gets cards. Tempest gets out his Gene-Bound Shackles.

Going into round 5, everyone is 11-16 hitpoints. The Operative is at 22. But I have 4 good Ongoing cards and 2 Equipment cards in play. Tempest is set to heal, Mainstay has been consistently blocking, everyone has plenty of cards, and I am feeling good about the game moving forward.

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