Left 4 Dead 2 – Tips for The Parish Bridge Finale Solo Expert (with Bots)

The Parish Bridge Finale Solo Expert Tips

  • Firstly get left 4 bots and left 4 bot improvements, your bots won’t die as easily and will be able to use molotovs and pipebombs. So it’s more like playing with other players.
  • My strat is usually if there is a spare molo at the beginning, toss yours over the concrete barricade as si’s spawn behind you there.
  • Keep to the left and when you get to the truck climb onto it and keep running along the top until jumping down to the boxes.
  • Use adrenaline to make your way up onto the bridge quickly. Get to the small white truck to start the tank and stop the horde for a bit.
  • This is how I usually play the bridge.

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