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I quite liked MD2 Hard. Yet I support hate towards PM, because if anything, players should keep them in check, so they wouldn’t thought players going to handle everything they threw at them. It’s a good thing they reduced MD2 farming to one per week, because it really doesn’t fit a farming ground.

MD2 Hard Guide

Meanwhile, I discovered some peculiar strategies about MD2, that I would never get to pull off in other activities, because they do not require it. Some things I noticed made the experience quite enjoyable.

  1. Paralyze on current turn is REALLY good. LLCB Ishmael, AEDD Cliff and Alleywatch Dog Faust pop off hard in MD2 hard, especially on last floor bosses. They got quite redicilous rolls, ranging between 15 and 30, but getting 3 or more paralyse on enemy almost guarantees you get to outclash them with stuff like I.H. or Leap. It works even better on single-coin skills, and not so good on multiple coin skills, but it’s still can save you some E.G.O resources, if you didn’t got a reliable E.G.O resource sustain E.G.O gift.
  2. Redirecting COUNTERS bosses and abnormalities. Honestly, that’s the reason why they feels easier than human fights, because you can negitiate a lot of unfavorable clashes by hitting enemy first. You do that by targeting enemy, and then targetting the same enemy with other sinner, so first one can hit enemy without clashing them. With a regular abnormalities, it can easily stagger then, or you could put on them something like paralyse by Shove (LLCB Ish S1). With some bosses it’s useful too, with a prime example being Kromer. She got a really low speed on her second phase, and a lot of stagger tresholds, so you can stagger her arms with something like Cloud Cutter and avoid clashing with her. With most other bosses it’s not as much about staggering them, as about inflicting paralyse. You can even reduce enemy speed by using Chains of Others, so you could clash their strongest skills with paralyze inflicting E.G.O, so other sinners could clash other skills more easily.
  3. Human enemies with two cubes. If you see that two of your sinners clash a human enemy, and first one has upper hand in clash, while other one is going to lose it, you should take a look on stagger treshold of said enemy, because there is a chance you can stagger him by first sinner hitting him, so second sinner can avoid clash, which would save you some E.G.O resources
  4. Try to use block. And by that, I don’t mean actually using block against K Corp Stuff 3, but if you see you can’t clash enemy, try to change skill for block, and see how much damage enemy is going to dealth. In case on single coin skills it’s usually isn’t going to hurt you much, so you can save some additional E.G.O resources. I used that quite often playing Kuro Hong Lu and LLCB Ishmael, and they were doing fine
  5. Prefer choosing Slash nodes. It’s often is going to be mariachis, thugs, bugmans, and other not so threatning enemies, while blunt got some scary K Corp and N Corp fights, which could cause you unneeded troubles.
  6. Prefer taking E.G.O resource sustain E.G.O gifts. It’s simple, the more E.G.O resources you got, the more you can tilt the scales on your side, if something goes wrong, not to mention Fluid Sac and Pursance. Blue Lighter and Throne is extremely good at this.

I’m not going to talk about identities, because it’s quite a topic, and me myself has some unusual preferences about it (Yes, I consider LLCB Ish being the strongest Ish, and Kuro Hong Lu being the strongest Hong Lu), but for 3 starter 00 ID’S, it’s a good decision to pick LC Faust, Kuro Hong Lu and LLCB Ish. I didn’t really tested other much, beside G Outis, but these three is quite good. For 000 ID’s I get R Cliff and Chef Ryoshu, because they have a big clash potential, and on next floors I take N Mersault for his E.G.O’s and Kromer Faust for her lust generation and gaze infliction.

That’s all.

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