Limbus Company – Mirror Dungeon Tips

Tips for Mirror Dungeon

  • Always try to get as far as you can. General rewards will scale with each floor you’ve beaten, but starlight will care about how many nodes you can do.
  • The only real time forfeit is used is when you’ve hit a wall and when you reach floor 5 on MD3H without the hard reward.
  • Also: Avoid elite (80 cost) nodes and pierce nodes on floor 4. They’re insane and even people with level 40/uptie 4 units struggle on them.
  • Hard has no bonus rewards apart from a 1.5x increase in starlight and a 5th floor. There’s no BP exp increase, so don’t go in there unless you really want starlight. You can still grind it if you want, but most people (Including me) just do normal since it’s more fun.
  • If you are going to do hard mode anyway, I’d recommend researching into those tier 4 gifts that were recently added. Bleed/Poise are busted atm, though you’ll need >5 identities on your team with bleed/poise in their skills.

Tremor will greatly help for Ricardo, so bring out your free 000 Outis (She’s great in both clashing and damaging, and she provides lots of tremor burst).

As for the team, Yi Sang IV is okay, great s2 for blunts, not familiar with that sexy hong lu, 00 don and meursalt are meh as their clash isn’t usable enough after floor 4.

For MD3H, I’d recommend you to gather same debuff Identities first, so you can make teams and make use of IV gifts.

00s are cheap and they can help alot too. 00 Hong Lu is the core of bleed team; 00 Sinclair a bit weak but stands good in a rupture run.

Most of 00 Fausts are great! Yuri Faust casually clashing with >30 with her S3 in a poise run, while I like to use her 00 W corp along with 00 W Hong Lu in charge runs too.

For easier MD3H runs, making charge team or bleed team is recommended. Others either go bumpy (poise) or very limited compositions (sinking).

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