Fishing: North Atlantic – Bar Tips to Find Fish

How to Find Fish Using Bar Tips

The bar tips give you the location and direction of where a fish habitat used to be. And the icon represents the CENTER of that habitat. If you want to find where they currently are, do this:

  1. Follow the arrow BACKWARDS for some distance, maybe 2 nautical miles.
  2. Trace a straight line course THROUGH the icon/arrow FORWARDS until you reach a point another 2 nautical miles PAST the arrow. Make sure you are lined up in the same direction as the arrow.
  3. On this journey, mark where you FIRST see the specific fish on your sonar, and then where you LAST see the fish.

You have now marked the outer boundaries of where that fish habitat currently is. If you rotate that line in a circle around the center, it forms the area where your fish currently are.

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