Legion TD 2 – How to Simplify Management (Not Auto)

All you can do with auto send you can do also manually. It will (only) cost you some seconds every round.

Tips to Simplify Management without Auto

You can shift + leftclick on a unit you wish to send. If you want to do exact the same as auto-send you could shift leftclick in the fighting phase every income unit multiple times. In the end of the round you will send the most expensive unit and fill up with cheaper units. Keep in mind that the shift+leftklick will dissapear after the income.

You may variate your sends without loosing income. For example if your enemy has much magic damage and you have 80 mythium: why would you send a Dino (80)? You should send 2x Dragon Turtle (2×40) with the same income effect. To do so only shift-leftklick the units you want to send (the snail is the only unit for 20, you should always add snails to make sure you spend all your Mythium).

  • With this your mates cant see the auto send on and you may put more pressure on your enemy.
  • If you dont have the time to make the sends, well be honest to yourself and your mates. When you know all units, waves, etc. you will get quicker in your decissions. Just tell them you are a beginner and need to concentrate on other things in the game.
  • (Optional) An additional request of your mates could be to put on more pressure with not making it to obvious and save some waves. A normal algorithm without much lost could be: 1 send, 1 save. You will only loose 1/3 of the income but put pressure and have a chance to make them leak. In smaller scale if you see your enemy has a weakness on 6 you can save 5 and make 6 a bigger send. You may even save 1,5 waves in that example without sending on 4 all your mythium (keep the mythium after the income which you would normally spend on king upgrades).

Note: not talking about your fix wave of real late game sends and worker build strat here.

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