NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Awakening – How to Win the Sekigahara Battle as Toyotomi Clan

Tips to Win the Sekigahara Battle

  • As general tips, the battle is difficult but not unwinnable if you can micro.
  • A very easy mistake to make is to form a static front – don’t worry about competing for the capture points.
  • Concentrate Ukita and your main troops along a single rout and pincer a few of the enemy units, cycle in as needed and hold down chokepoints on your flanks.
  • Ideally, try to use Tamehiro Hiratsuka’s to engage Ii first so he can get through his tactic on a small unit (make sure to withdraw him so he won’t die afterwards, use him as another flanker).
  • Then pincer Ii with Ukita and Konishi. Have Toda screen Ukita’s flank so he can’t be counter-pincered.
  • Use Shima aggressively so you can get the stamina regen from his ability.
  • Once Ii and Kuroda down the battle should just be a matter of taking out some of the smaller Eastern Units to trigger your reinforcements.
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