Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Legendary Armor Blueprint Location

How to Find Legendary Armor Blueprint

There’s a legendary blueprint on the top floor of the Taoist Star Chaser Pavilion.

After you beat the formation, run up the stairs again and it’s in the top left corner hanging on the wall on the top floor.

Or just sneak in and take it.

Taixu Robe

  • 530 Defense
  • +8%-15% Counter
  • +8%-15% Parry
  • Reflect 10-20% all damage.
  • Deal 10-20 internal damage back if you’re hit.
  • Damage reduce 15%-25% depending if your fame is higher.


  • 2 Brocode (Legendary)
  • 5 Satin (Epic)
  • 2 Snow Silkworm (Legendary)
  • 5 Gold Thread (Epic)
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