Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Best Starting Stats

How the Stats Affect the Gameplay

Con is tedious but in the sense that you throw money at it to eat high quality foods to raise it, and it ends up being quite a bit of money, but aside from the time getting money to buy the nessecary food its quite simple. you get CON exp from blue+ food, 1 exp for blue, 3 for purple, and 5 for gold foods.

Strength is easy to gain by gathering from any type of harvesting node, you get more exp from rarer mats. if you go join the Langya sword sect you should expect to get its baseline from 1 – 10 in short order with all the mining nodes there.

Dex is the most painful because the main source of it is from walkling but that caps out at 10 exp per day and makes it the slowest to raise, although the new release added a new interaction to get dex exp daily for cash in one of the citys

Luck is the easiest by kowtowing the hero statue, if you dont wanna carpal tunnel get an autoclickler

Int can be raised from shrines daily, small ones are free and give a small bit of exp and bigger ones give exp depending on incense quality, theres also a statue at the confucian sect that rewards a good chunk of exp daily, and some sect books also give it. INT is one of the better stats to start high with because it gives attack and defense per level and the 10 int trait speeds up learning martial arts,

STR and CON got buffed with per level bonuses with the 1.0 release , and their more useful per point now, but STR is still so easy to raise i would just dump it and grind it out.

For newer players, attribute exp and char creation investment points only effect “Base” attributes, attributes from traits, pills, quest events, ect are bonus points and dont effect the baseline attributes, and base attributes cap out at 10 from char creation or attribute exp

Dex and Int are probably the harder ones to raise the baselines attributes, with dex being the harder one. INT gets easier if you join the confucius sect and use their statue daily, and the sects books, you can probably dump it to a degree if you plan on that.

There may be concerns with requirements for equipment and the primary attributes on martial arts if your dumping STR and CON, but if your on your first playthrough on Easy/Normal the NPC scaling is nonexistant or small so you can take the time to grind those.

Its really only an issue for your first couple playthroughs, as you get more achivements you unlock more attribute points and eventualy you can max out on creaiton the more painful ones to increase, getting enough to max out dex and int is the first hurdkle and then having enough to max out CON so you dont need to buy a ton of food is the second. any points after that can go to STR to save time

Luck is like ten minutes of an autoclicker and should never be invested in before the others.

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