Travellers Rest – Farming Grass Tip

How to Farm Grass

I know a lot of people end up running out of grass after making hay and seafood traps.

To farm for grass, leave a large section of your tavern outdoors free of everything (including trees).

Once it is overgrown enough (70% filled out), you can remove about half of all grass that is there in patches.

You need to run around and remove bits here and there without clearing a section. The next day, the grass you left behind will fill back in.

You can do this again daily or every couple days. Check the images to see an example of what it looks like before and after I harvest:



This was 78 pieces of grass (almost a stack), just from the area shown in the screenshots. You can easily have half your map just for grass. I can often get 2 stacks from my map, every day or two.

The trick is making it as “patchy” as possible and the regrowth is pretty fast. If you cut it all down, it’ll take forever for regrowth. It’s a soothing activity to do a couple times per in game week for infinite grass.

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