Halls of Torment – Tips to Hit Lvl 100

Lvl 100 Tips

In general

  • Use heavy attack speed class like archer, equip everything with attackspeed, critc dmg or chance, you need kill them fast in order to get moooore exp since yo get out of time.
  • Complete a lot of quests. Quests give you passive bonus experience.
  • Use the Jade Amulet.

Another way in detail

  • Run around and take all abilitys, than go to a hand but dont take it. Stay their and farm until the end. Best option is, when you find another hand, so you can take on hand on minute 20 as example, than take the last when the endboss dies. Stay on 1 point and kill everything!
  • Before map 3 came out we did this on map 2. Now their are way more hands to collect, easier I think. Every 2 minutes a new wave spawns, than you can collect some stuff near until they come

I did it now with the Cleric on the 3map. Take top and bot ability, than i stayed mid near the well/hand. All 2 minutes a new wave starts, most of the time you have 2-3 sec befor they come, so you can take exp thats near. The last Boss spawned and i took the hand.

Bam lvl 107

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