Halls of Torment – General Tips to Beat Final Bosses

Here you can find tips that might help you to beat final bosses.

How to Defeat Final Bosses

In Shorts

You have two options:

  1. Be stubborn, invest in movement speed, ignore defense and maximise damage.
  2. Die and come back later.

In Details

The rewards are mostly gold, except the first Lord kill (any Lord), that unlocks the Revive Blessing.

On the first map you can find a bloddy trail on the floor, that leads to two altars, where you have to kill 100 enemies in the purple cricles to gain an artifact that shredds the Lord.

But thats the only trick so far.

It comes with time. The more things u unlock, the easier it becomes to deal with bosses.

Once you do a good build – late in the game – boss from third stage is a 2-minute thing. Until you are that strong, you just have to struggle. Most probably you will not be able to do a good build unless you are capable of reaching very high levels, like 90+. You also need to unlock few good skills and then have updates to them. Bosswise I guess transfixtion is the best thing available, but flame walls or thunderstrikes are good as well. Anything that can not only deliver dmg but also add debufs. Combination of three high level skills with upgrades is something that melts every boss.

Also, rule of the thumb, dont expect to easily defeat boss when you struggle with mobs. When you are capable of cleaning the floor without moving and mobs die in seconds the time comes to be a boss hunter.

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