Halls of Torment – First Boss Tips

Tips to Beat First Boss

The first boss is rough. Probably the hardest of the 3 final bosses if you don’t use the secret debuff.

But I actually beat it a lot without the debuff because I’m too lazy to run around and do the events.

Get some movement speed during the run, don’t try running from the boss stay close-ish to it and get ready to avoid the multiple dashes, moving preemptively after the dash to dodge the next dash.

The second phase is much easier and funny enough If you battle the boss without the debuff, the second phase “runs out of mana” if the fight goes on too long and the boss just kinda melee attacks you in a desperate struggle to do damage.

At this point you can hilariously stand behind one of the many pillars in the level and poke the boss down the rest of the way.

You could also just run backwards as the boss helplessly tries to melee you but I prefer the pillar.

While the first phase is still tough, You just have to get used to dodging around the boss and towards it instead of running away from the boss as the boss is likely faster than you.

If you choose to use the secret debuff to make the fight easier though, most of the strategy is pointless.

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