Magic: The Gathering Arena – How to Defeat Phyrexian Vindicator

Tips to Beat Phyrexian Vindicator

Vindicator is a white version of the infamous Obliterator, a card with a similar effect. Obliterator does take damage but every point of damage it takes makes you sacrifice a permanent – counting if you deal more damage than it has toughness. They cost the same but different colors (Obliterator is black mana)

Vindicator is balanced under the idea that it requires you have AT LEAST 4 plains on the field to summon it, making it better suited to a mono white or at least two color deck than anything else. It’s also a mythic but that’s not important. Vindicator can be taken out by kill spells, forced sacrifice, exile, prison (exile under x card until x card leaves the field), wrath (destroy all creatures), enchantments, and effects that don’t let it attack (Kaito from All Will Be One for example). If it is on the stack (meaning your opponent is casting it but it hasn’t gone through yet) then you can counterspell it if you have one in hand, keep in mind that counterspells may have conditions to them so the best in this case would simply read “Counter target spell” or “Counter target creature spell” but if they’re tapped out (all mana has been spent) then use a cheaper spell that may read something like “Counter target spell unless its controller pays 1 mana”.

Deathtouch/Trample, enchant, destroy, exile, force tap, direct damage. There’s a lot of ways to deal with it. If your deck doesn’t have even one, either accept that’s a GG on your part when that card enters (like I do with my counter decks when Solemnity comes in), or update your deck to deal with it.

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