Halls of Torment – Class Tier List

Disclaimer, I have every items unlocked, all blessing maxed.

Tier List

This tier list is assuming with best item setup on the most optional build of that class. I did a lot of testing trying out different set up on every classes and here is my list. It will mainly focus on the main weapon, factor in some perk that can buff side weapon. Do note this is only MY OPINION , not concrete fact.

S Tier

Top tier clear and single target, able to keep the screen so clean nothing can touch you, good for every situation and does not rely on specific double weapon perk.

  • Warlock: main weapon focus build is rly strong, almost always the highest damage weapon in the damage list.
  • Cleric: there’s way to scale its main weapon damage to ridiculous level for both clearing and bossing using rings.

A Tier

Very solid class that can burst boss down while keep the mob relatively clean w.o too much trouble but requires a little bit of positioning and side weapon luck.

  • Barbarian: tanky, strong and straight forward main weapon, but slightly weaker than cleric in terms of radius and multihit.
  • Sorcerer: perk is strong for lightning and fire weapons but main weapon is just ok. Piercing limits its target too. Rly high crit damage.
  • Exterminator: crit damage has -80% penalty with main weapon so the side weapon choice is a bit more restrictive, however his main weapon is still very strong.

B Tier

Good enough class but compare to other class it falls a bit flat.

  • Archer: The target limit is its biggest drawback (even with high pierce) Base damage is quite a bit lower than other classes. (lower crit damage than sorc too) Good synergy with projectile weapon though.

C Tier

Can kill boss fine but mobbing is awful in general. Relies a lot from side weapons.

  • Shield Maiden: Has high crit damage but clearing it’s just so awful you can’t rly count on it alone. No synergy perk with side weapons too.
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