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Starter Base

Basically, there’s a few things you need to solve that can kill you relatively fast. Roughly in order of urgency, though I might have the first two switched maybe.

  • A place to drink

Weirdly enough, this is likely priority number one. You can’t eat or drink with your helmet closed, and you’ll die of thirst long before you have any other problem. So you need to make a place where you can drink from your handy water bottles without killing yourself in the process.

  • Suit battery charging

This is really easy to handle, but you do need to handle it fairly soon otherwise your suit will run out of power and you’ll probably freeze to death?

  • Refilling water bottles

You’ve got a few of them in your starting kit but they don’t last all that long, so you need to find a way to top them up.

  • Compressing oxygen

You’ve got a tank to refill your oxy bottle from, but the pressure is limited and only going down. You really want your oxy tank as pressurized as you can get it, and you want to do that for yourself before the tank gets too low.

  • Farming

Your initial food can last quite a long time, TBH, but it does eventually run down and you’ll need to start growing more.

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