Guild Wars 2 – How to Level Up Fast

Here are several tips that can help you to levelling faster.

Fast Levelling Tips

  • Use food and any utility item for that extra boost.
  • Ask someone to put down a guild banner near you for extra exp.
  • Focus on tutorial achievements aka. Adventure guide, they give absurd amount of exp.
  • You used to be able to get some decent amount of exp through crafting but they apparently nerfed it so take this with a grain of salt.
  • Killing ambient mobs (yellow names) gives you alot of exp compared to killing normal ones due to stacking exp buff they get due to being alive.
  • Pvp should be able to give you tomes of knowledge even now so you can try your hand at it while getting some tomes to speed up the process.
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  1. My best advice is not to rush to endgame content , take your time and explore the wonderful maps and gather hero points , karma and the occasional black lion chest key (could help with gold). It’s very common to want to rush engame content but there is so much in gw2 that if you rush it’s all going to get thrown in your face and could misdirect or even frustrate.

    Along the way grind some meta events and jump on board for world bosses.

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