Genshin Impact – How to Get Ever an Outcast in The Forest Achievement

The First Anarana Journal Quest Walkthrough

This achievement is tied to the first entry in the Forest Adventure Journal.

To get the achievement you need to complete the main Aranyaka story and go back to Vimara Village to talk to Alphonso.

Choose these answers:

After that Alphonso will take you somewhere secluded and reveals his true identity to you. There is two ways to finish this quest.

The first one is if you forgive him and order him to leave the village and never comeback, this will not immediately check the quest as completed but will give you the achievement nonetheless. If you would like to know what happened to him, head to the statue of the seven in old Vanarana, walk a little bit forward and you’ll see 2 wolfhounds guarding something.

After defeating them you can grab the tattered note left by Alphonso and read his last words…(Can I get an F in the comments?)

If you chose the second option, which is battling him instead, you’ll end up going against a normal pyro fatui assassin and upon killing him you’ll received the tattered note immediately, ending the quest one and for all and receiving the sad yet satisfying achievement.

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