Genshin Impact – Efficient 100-Elite Route (Lite Version / 3.0)

Efficient 100-Elite Route

This is an efficient elite farming route of Genshin Impact 3.0. Each run has 100 elites; run 4 worlds to cap. It’s designed to have less running, less randomness, less skills issues, and more fun.

This route is a lite version of 3.0 100-Elite Route. If you’ve done with the world quest Aranyaka, check the full route here: please check back later 🙂

The map legend is on the second picture below.

  • 5: The fungi spot is removed because they may turn into low value Elites when they get hit by Electro / Pyro.
  • 6.1: If you’re using a freeze team, try to put out the fire first before using anemo bursts.
  • 7: Don’t chase the vishap hatchling if one of them escapes. It’s not worth it to chase with a whole team. (We’ll make it up at 26.2)
  • 8.1 and 8.2 can be done at the same time. Someone (preferably a hydro user) go activate 8.2 while the rest of the team doing 8.1. When the rest of the team arrive at 8.2, the sentinels will be all activated.
  • 10.2: One of the Ruin Destroyer will dig and teleport to you. Hold your fire and see which one digs. Run to the other one that doesn’t dig.
  • 11.1: If Lawachurl’s target is in the air, it will start throwing slimes instead of jumping and plunging. Kazuha can make use of this by doing a long press E (skill) and keep gliding towards its back.
  • 13.2: You don’t need to shoot the Mitachurl to aggro it. Just aggro the nearest Hilichurl and they’ll follow you to the gathering spot.
  • 15.1: Don’t guide the Lawachurl into the room below, instead guide it to the left downstairs. The Mitachurl will also go there (shown in map).
  • 16.2: If you missed an elite earlier (eg. at spot 7), you can do the sentinels or leyline here.
  • 17.1: Jump down to the Cryo Cicin Mage. Jean can drown her by dragging her into the water (hold E and point down to the water). This is different than yeeting; yeeting doesn’t work well in co-op.
  • 17.3: If you have a powerful dps, you can try to one-shot the abyss mage before it opens the shield. Make sure you don’t aggro it if someone else is doing the ambush.
  • 17.5: If healing is good, you can move the gathering spot closer to 17.6, and do 3 spots at the same time.

Tap “Floor X Chamber X” on the upper right of the map to move to Musk Reef, then teleport to Dragonspine.

  • 19.1: Pull the Mitachurl towards the Hilichurls near the teleporter.
  • 22: Don’t pick the fake sweet flower, as the spawn of the whopper flower may hurt your teammates who load in slow.
  • 24: The Geovishaps are in the cave below. When in the cave, go to the left to spawn the hatchling.
  • 29: Skip the fungi since they may turn into low value Elites when they get hit by Electro / Pyro.
  • 29.1: Stand by the first Ruin Destroyer. The rest should come over.
  • 30: Fight by the Geo Lawachurl. The Electro Lawachurl will jump to you. Watch out for plunge damage.

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