EVERSPACE 2 – Gunship Build Guide (Easy Lunar 1000)

Here is my Gunship build that pretty much breaks the game. Lunacy 1000 is a cinch.

Guide to Gunship Build

The Build

  • 3 Bloodstar: Rapid Decimator with Kinetic and “After 10 shots 20% extra crit” Optimized FFT Core, Optimized Renegade Plating.
  • 2 Tides of Siren Sea: Optimized Wavepulse Analyzer, Optimized Hydrosurge Drive.
  • Rapid Umbra and Preumbra with “After 10 shots 20% extra crit”.

Marksman Destabilizer with “fire on crit” and Powerful Rockets with Kinetic with 30% damage on flight time, 20% shield disable.

SH-8495, BOB

Maximize firepower, utility, precision, and expertise (reroll a lot, shoot for 3500 and space out mainframe to balance this).

  • Ship passives: 30% against drones, COIL TURRET, 15% boost speed.
  • Perks: Exit Strategy, Relentless, Exploitation, Downtime Warrior, Ulterior Motive, Overkill.
  • Devices: EMP Hard Reset, Temporal Diligence, MDS Sustenance, Front Shield All Day.

Basically, Bloodstar keeps you boosting. sh8495 and tides keep your ULT going. Perks help your weapons keep firing, and all the crit give you constant free destabilizer missiles.

Oh, and if all this stacks your guns can do around 40,000 DPS before destabilization.

Save the rockets for the boss. Use a damage booster and then hit it with a couple of destabilizers then unleash the rockets and the boss melts in seconds.

Hope this helps. Now go harvest all those starforged items everytime.

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