EVERSPACE 2 – Starter Tips

Tips for Getting Started

Check your missions tab, where you can find any info you need about what you need or where to go for a mission. You can track a mission so there is always an icon on your screen leading you to where you need to go, or you can even press a button to open up the map right to the target so you can place your own waypoints if needed.

In most cases, the game already does hold your hand by guiding you to within a kilometer of whatever quest target you are looking for. If you’re really struggling to figure out how to finish a random side job, just abandon it and get a new one.

You can get different scanners that specialize in finding specific things. Ones that have greatly increased ship detection range, others that have increased loot detection range, and another that has increased resource detection ranges.

Crafted items are crafted at the player’s level. Dismantling 3 of a certain piece of equipment will unlock it for crafting. Finding blueprints can also unlock things at random.

What ship works best for you is entirely up to the player. Each has their pros and cons. I do really enjoy the vindicator, though. Fun ship, that one.

Useful Tips:

  • Mobility is key to survival. Even the tankiest ships get turned to space dust if you hope for your shields and armor to keep you alive. Learn how to constantly keep changing your movement direction to throw the enemy’s aim off and avoid most attacks.
  • Do all of the side stuff. It gives plenty of loot, exp, and money. If you do it, you’ll never find yourself lagging behind the game’s leveling curve.
  • I highly recommend obtaining and maxing out the Teleporter with the Scurry mode. Having the ability to instantly teleport several kilometers to engage or disengage from a fight is a massive boon to any and all ships.
  • Don’t forget to complete challenges under the Data section once you’ve unlocked them. They unlock fast travel, and many other rewards.
  • Don’t be afraid to buy new ships. They can be sold back to a dealer at their full purchase price. Later on, you’ll gain access to more dealers, better tiers, and even options to reroll their shops or offer alternate perk combinations.

Quick Tip: Manually save the game before you buy a ship – fly for a while and see if you like that ship. If not, then you can reload the save. Also, there’s very little penalty for selling a ship back, you’ll get approximately the same money you paid for it when you trade it in.

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