EVERSPACE 2 – Gameplay Tips

A collection of very useful tips on the EVERSPACE 2 game.

Useful Tips

  • Supralight time-skip exists! Look in the challenge section for more info.
  • Buy a cargo pod and dismantle all the things! (Once you realise that’s how the game works, cargo space is no longer a big deal).
  • What the little yellow icons in the top left mean (headlights/inertial dampeners disabled, you’re welcome).
  • Look for environmental clues in location challenges (wires that lead to generator, glowy bits, smokey bits, etc.)
  • If you find debris that is highlighted orange, grab it and move it – there’s often something useful hiding behind it.
  • Inertial dampeners are a thing! Look in the input controls to set it up. (This is huge by the way: set it so you can toggle it quickly – literally game changing).
  • Auto-aim is a thing and you can double it if you’re having trouble with the controls, look in the input settings.
  • If you’re having trouble with a rigged asteroids or other tricky things – try lowering the difficulty.
  • A down-facing caret at the bottom of the map location icon means it’s below your level and will be easy.
  • An up-facing caret at the top of the map location icon means it’s above your level and will be more challenging.
  • A purple map icon means it’s so far above your level – you might have a bad time.
  • A purple enemy icon means it’s far above your level – watch out.
  • A grey tick on the map icon means there’s a location challenge there to do.
  • A green tick on the map icon means you’ve completed that location challenge.
  • Hold shift to see what a modification will do (increase level, rarity, catalyst etc.)
  • You can dismantle (or equip) right from the loot window, no need to transfer to your cargo.
  • Use your mainframe expansions, combine them when you have three and then use the plus/minus buttons on the ship[ screen (top right).
  • Upgrade your devices with upgrade tokens, you can reset them for fairly cheap.
  • Support devices are useful – teleport is another game changer, especially with upgrades.
  • You can multi-select items in your cargo by holding down control.
  • Hold space bar to use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down on items.
  • A green border around a commodity in your cargo hold means it sells well in this system.
  • A green border around a commodity within a vendor’s stock means it’s cheap to buy in this system.
  • A red down arrow on an equipped item means it a couple levels below your ship level and you should consider replacing it.
  • Hold shift to compare items to equipped items.
  • Press ALT to change which primary/secondary weapon to compare.
  • Flak Weapons clear minefields asap and also let you mine ressource-nodes with a singel shot
  • Outlaw/Enemy bases (recognizable by having hostile turrets) always have destroyable objects (unmarked) which can net you plasma, scrap and rarer mats
  • I would recommend doing the renown challenges/jobs only later on, rewards scale to your level
  • When in space, hold Alt for free camera. Useful for looking around without disorienting yourself.
  • You can also use photomode to look around without moving your ship.
  • When hunting for secrets, have a Observer type sensor equipped. The devs have often placed a single scrap metal near areas with secrets.
  • You can blow vents with mines. Any mine. Even Webber.
  • There are companion perks to let you pull loot from further, pull faster, pull all at same time (hold the loot key instead of press).
  • You can destroy containers: it’s faster and can be done for farther than looting. Does not work with shipwrecks and bulletproof containers.
  • One shot rocket also works to mine a complete mineral field, most of the time.
  • Flak also opens up those destructible rock walls. I thought it needed secondaries to open but I guess the Flak is enough!

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