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Hints and Tips

Don’t leave food lying around in village that has dogs in it. They will eat it.

Depending on terrain it may be possible to brake line of sight by going prone (u), to hide or re-engage stealth mode.

Carcasses left on your pack animal can rot even in winter if left there for too long. I’m not sure if this is a bug or feature, but it’s possible the idea is that the animal’s body temperature is warming the carcass.

If you are insecure leaving your pack animal unattended in the woods you can leash it inside a settlement. I have never lost pack animal to predators when doing so.

Village food stocks are best from fall to swidden when they are selling lots of excess grain. Depending on your starting equipment you may be able to secure food stocks for several months by trading grain from the villagers. This makes winter and spring starts easier than you’d think at first.

If you visit a village and then keep away from it and it’s general area for months until you revisit it, you’ll likely find the village stocks considerably upgraded.

Food will not burn/spoil due to overcooking if the fire goes out. This includes fireplaces.

Party members can boost many heavy duty tasks, like cabin building or tanning furs.

The rate at which you gain fatigue depends on your endurance but also on your encumbrance penalty. Whenever doing heavy duty stuff (like running, preparing fields, woodwork, building, butchering) the optimum is to just have the clothes on your back and the tool on the ground.

Your bear/mother pipes will last longer if you make tea out of them. Then you put it in a mug or skin, exhaust your thirst by drinking water and take tiny little 0.1lb sip of the tea. Even small stock will keep you a year in daily usage. The tea also works against flu.

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